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Evidence: Under Fire

Grant’s Evidence and Flashpoint worlds collide in this steamy, stand-alone military thriller.

Taken hostage by terrorists, an archaeologist must risk everything when a SEAL attempts to rescue her too soon…

Archaeologist Diana Edwards is on a mission to uncover the link between artifact trafficking and terrorism. Just when she’s making progress, she’s kidnapped and forced to work for the very people she’s trying to stop. The nightmare deepens when she discovers the man who arranged her abduction is a terrorist everyone believes to be dead. A team of SEALs is sent in to save her, forcing her to make an impossible choice if she wants to stop looted artifacts from being used to fund brutal attacks across the globe.

Navy SEAL Chris Flyte has one job to do, but the hostage won’t cooperate, endangering him and everyone on his team. After he completes the mission and Diana is safely on American soil, her story of abduction and being forced to dig becomes suspect. But when she shows up on his doorstep saying she’s seen one of her abductors, Chris has to wonder if the archaeologist is lying, or if a terrorist has followed her home.

“Rachel Grant is a master at creating gritty, sophisticated thrillers that combine action and romance.”

New York Times Bestselling Author Jayne Ann Krentz

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