• Romancing the Runoff is Live! I am so excited to be part of the Romancing the Runoff auction to raise funds to help support the Georgia Senate Runoffs by supporting Fair Fight, the New Georgia Project, and Black Voters Matter. The auction is open and you can explore all the offerings here: I haveContinue […]
  • Romancing The Runoff I’m donating to Romancing the Runoff, an online auction raising money for the Georgia senate races.The auction site isn’t set up yet, but you can make cash donations now and help make a difference: When the auction site is up and running, be sure to check out the Apples to PeachesContinue […]
  • VOTE THEN READ: A boxed set collection supporting wildfire relief #1-click and Help Wildfire Relief! You’ve cast your ballot, now take a break and READ!Forty-three authors bring you stories full of romance, hope, and love.Vote Then Read volumes 1, 2, and 3 are available from November 2nd – 8th. All proceeds for this boxed setContinue […]
  • Rachel Recommends One of my besties, who also happens to be my first round beta reader, Gwen Hernandez, has a new release! I LOVED this book so hard. The opening scene is INTENSE. This is one of my favorite types of romantic suspense – a wilderness adventure story. Tell me in the comments the titleContinue […]
  • My Mystery Box of Books Giveaway Ends Tonight! Last spring I cleaned out my office and as part of the process I culled my books down to the very most essentials. This means that I have boxes and boxes of books to give away, so this will be the first in a series of mysteryContinue […]