1. When is your next book coming out?
If there isn’t a book currently available for preorder, it means I don’t know when it will be ready, but if you sign up for my VIP List, you’ll be among the first to know.  (Plus you’ll get a free book!)

2. What are you working on now?
Right now (spring 2022) I’m working on Evidence: Under Fire #2.

3. Is the Flashpoint Series done?
No. The Flashpoint series and Evidence series are merging in Evidence: Under Fire.

4. Are there going to be more books in the Fiona Carver series?
I will share this information as soon as I can.

5. Is Dylan Slater going to get his own book?
I hope so.

6. Will you write Simone and Jason’s story?
Yes. I can’t wait to revisit Coho! Fans of the book might be excited to find that Bastian in Catalyst is from the Kalahwamish Tribe, and fifteen-year-old Bastian will be on scene in the sequel when I finally write it.

7. Are you ever going to write JT’s story?
I hope so. I’ve plotted it and started it several times, but it doesn’t feel right and I won’t publish something I don’t 100% love.

8. Who designs your covers?
The original Evidence covers were done by my fabulous sister, Naomi Raine. I designed the new covers myself. I am also doing my own covers for Evidence: Under Fire.

9. What happened to the movie deal for BODY OF EVIDENCE?
The contract has expired and rights have reverted back to me. Film/TV adaptation rights requests should be directed to my agent.