1. When is your next book coming out?
If there isn’t a book currently available for preorder, it means I don’t know when it will be ready, but if you sign up for my Mailing List, you’ll be among the first to know. 

2. What are you working on now?
Right now (summer 2021) I’m working on another Evidence Series book.

3. Is the Flashpoint Series done?
No, however the next 3 installments will feature a new setting/deployment and will have many new characters.

4. When will the next Flashpoint book come out?
I don’t know. I have 3-4 projects I need to complete before I can begin writing the next Flashpoint trilogy.

5. Will Chase get his own book?
Yes. Broken Falcon will be available in print, digital, and audiobook on October 22, 2021.

6. Will you write Simone and Jason’s story?
Yes. I can’t wait to revisit Coho! Fans of the book might be excited to find that Bastian in Catalyst is from the Kalahwamish Tribe, and fifteen-year-old Bastian will be on scene in the sequel when I finally write it.

7. Are you ever going to write JT’s story?
I hope so. I’ve plotted it and started it several times, but it doesn’t feel right and I won’t publish something I don’t 100% love.

8. Who designs your covers?
The original Evidence covers were done by my fabulous sister, Naomi Raine. I designed the new covers myself (with technical help from my daughter)!

9. What happened to the movie deal for BODY OF EVIDENCE?
The contract has expired and rights have reverted back to me. Film/TV adaptation rights requests should be directed to my agent.