Flashpoint Series

Kirkus Reviews - Best Books of 2017

Tinderbox is raw and energetic, thrills-wise and sex-wise, and offers an exceptional combination of humor, suspense, romance and archaeological details that are always intriguing and never intrusive. This first book in Rachel Grant’s Flashpoint series is unexpected and intense from the get-go. With irresistible characters, a rare setting and an inventive, high-powered plot, it’s a smartly crafted gem of a story.
USA Today

Kirkus Reviews Best of 2018

“The second novel in Grant’s Flashpoint series offers intelligent romantic suspense that moves with the urgency of a thriller.”
Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

Kirkus Reviews Best of 2018

“Grant expertly braids together action and romance in a propulsive, page-turning suspense thriller.”
Kirkus Reviews (Starred review)

Inferno Flame graphic

“Grant blows it out of the park with Inferno, an action adventure extravaganza masquerading as a novella.”
New York Times bestselling author Toni Anderson