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Squeee! (Part 2)
Lucky for Lori Handeland she didn’t get me on the phone, I don’t know if her ears could have taken the noise. And I love the fact that when I read aloud from Jeanne Adams’s email I had no clue what I’d just said. Natasha and Kris each ask, “Both?” Before Jennie and I chime in with, “What?”

Fortunately, we had a second bottle of champagne in the fridge because I had a new accomplishment to toast. And I do owe it all to perseverance. And to some awesome critique partners. Oh, and to some wonderful judges.

There is no way to write this without sounding like an American Express ad, so I’ll just give in and say it. To final in the Golden Heart is great. To double final is amazing. To share the moment with three fantastic friends was priceless.

And Natasha, thank you for failing to turn off the recorder, so I can keep this in my pocket and relive it whenever I want.

View from our retreat captured by Natasha.
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