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Golden Heart® Moment
There are some moments in life that are so deliciously fun, so exciting, you just want to capture it and put it in your pocket so you can relive it later just for the sheer joy of it. This is the story of one of those moments…

The day Romance Writers of America® notifies finalists in the annual Golden Heart® and RITA® contests is big event in the RWA world. I’m in a plotting group with Kris Kennedy and Presents authors Natasha Tate, and Jennie Lucas. We meet annually for a long weekend of chocolate, potato chips, wine, and to plot two books apiece. This year our annual retreat coincided with the Golden Heart and RITA finalist announcement day. Knowing I’d be out of town with two manuscripts entered in the Golden Heart, I’d checked my membership with RWA and saw that they had my cell phone number (you know, just in case).

We’d rented a vacation house, which didn’t include Internet, but we were occasionally

able to “borrow” WIFI from neighbors On the morning of the 25th (our first morning), my cell phone was silent. Kris and I had planned to continue our three-year tradition of drinking champagne after we were certain I hadn’t finaled. We popped the cork and each shared one writing goal we’d accomplished in the last year to honor our ongoing perseverance. We drank the champagne and then got to work. We plotted a book for me first, then we moved on and started plotting Jennie’s book.

At various points throughout the morning, I was able reload the RWA website to see which finalists had been notified. Seeing friends' names,

GH event
Jennie, me, and Kris at GH event.
we all cheered. Just before noon we took a break from plotting Jennie's book. I picked up my computer, saw I had a rare moment of Internet service and it occurred to me I hadn’t checked email allmorning. I went to my inbox, expecting to see…well not anything really. Perhaps an email from my son’s baseball coach, or confirmation that a CP had received the manuscript I’d sent the day before. But what I saw was a bunch of emails from RWA board members.

At this point in the story I need pause and say, unbeknownst to all of us, when we took the break from plotting Jennie’s book, Natasha thought she’d turned off her digital recorder but hadn’t. The moment of discovery had been captured for posterity. You can listen to it here. It is only a minute and twenty seconds long.

Check the volume on your computer and don’t play this if there is a need for quiet.. There’s, um, a little bit of excitement. :) 
Not seeing an audio player? Listen here.