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More About Me
Okay, can we talk about me now? I mean, I know this whole website is devoted to me, but it somehow seems like it needs even more me. So here are some details you probably didn’t know you wanted to know.
Archeology testing
That's me in the shallow pit, working with two colleagues at a dig site.
My First Novel
Concrete Evidence was my first published book, but Grave Danger was the first novel I wrote.

Dig History
The Burke Museum has video of me digging at West Point!  This is a great presentation put together by the Burke Museum describing the archaeology of West Point, in Seattle.

This is the first job I had as a professional archaeologist, and I worked on this project in the field and in the lab for one year. In the video clips I'm usually wearing a turquoise turtleneck.

I met my husband while working on this dig, and so I get misty-eyed watching the clips. Yes, I cry watching sewage treatment plant videos. Doesn't everyone?

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AM commute
Morning commute to dig site