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Midnight Sun
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In October 2013, a large collection of artifacts that had been stored at the University of Washington’s Burke Museum for nearly sixty years was returned to the Suquamish Tribe. The artifacts had been excavated from the Old Man House site in Kitsap County, which was the winter village for the Suquamish Tribe and home of Chief Sealth, also known as Chief Seattle.

Transported over Puget Sound by ferry, the artifacts were escorted by a very rare and large pod of orcas. Nearly three dozen orcas surrounded the ferry as it entered Eagle Harbor at Bainbridge Island.
Tribal members were on the ferry to witness the remarkable event, and many believe there is a spiritual tie between the orcas and the tribe. In June of 2014, the tribe held a ceremony to honor the killer whales who led the treasures of Old Man House back to Suquamish.

You can read about the orca escort in this Seattle Times article, or watch this King 5 news segment, which describes the significance of the artifacts to the tribe’s cultural heritage and includes footage of the orcas.
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Orca Mask - chapter graphic for Midnight Sun Orca Mask design for Midnight Sun, inspired by Northwest Native American art