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Concrete Evidence
Bonus Content
If you've read Concrete Evidence, did you wonder how Erica was able to escape Jake's boat in Mexico? Or how Lee reacted when JT first told him about his new internship? Here's your chance to find out.

Originally, these were the first two chapters of the book, following the prologue, but I deleted them because, well, it was like having three prologues--far too much set up before the story began. Chapter One ended up being cut in half and included as a flashback (Chapter Six in the final version), and Chapter Two (Lee's scene) was simply deleted. Lee delivers one of my favorite lines in the cut scene. I loved the line so much I adapted it and fit it in elsewhere, but I think it's much funnier in this version.

PDF File: Erica's Escape Scene(159KB)
PDF File: Lee's Opening Scene (84KB)
HRP cards - ace, 3, & jack of clubs
HRP 6 of diamonds
The looting of artifacts and destruction of archaeological sites has been a big problem in Iraq and is an important storyline in Concrete Evidence.

In the summer of 2007 the Department of Defense issued another deck of playing cards to the troops, this one designed to raise the awareness of our military service men and women to the issues of cultural heritage preservation and the international laws which protect antiquities.

Images from the CPP website.
For example, the seven of clubs, which shows a picture of Ctesiphon Arch in Iraq says: “This site has survived seventeen centuries. Will it and others survive you?”

HRP card box
The Archeological Institute of America also published an article about this deck in 2007.

The Department of Defense created the Legacy Program website to educate soldiers on their responsibilities when they are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

See the full deck of "Operation Iraqi Freedom" cards at the Cultural Property Protection website.